Lundi 04 Décembre 2023

Publications béninoises liées au GBIF

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  • Zanga J,

    Metelo E,

    Mvuama N,

    Nsabatien V,

    Mvudi V,

    Banzulu D,

    Mansiangi O,

    Bamba M,

    Basosila N,

    Agossa F,

    Wumba R,


    Species Composition and Distribution of Anopheles gambiae Complex Circulating in Kinshasa


    Understanding the distribution of Anopheles species in a region is an important task in the planning and implementation of malaria control programmes. This study was proposed to evaluate the composition and distribution of cryptic species of the main malaria vector, Anopheles gambiae complex, circul…

  • Kinge T,

    Jefwa J,

    Houdanon R,

    Kamalebo H,

    Abdel-Azeem A,

    Gryzenhout M,

    Triebel D,

    Weibulat T,

    Rambold G,


    Management and publication of scientific data on traditional mycological and lichenological knowledge in Africa

    The Lichenologist

    Africa is an important global reservoir for biological, cultural and traditional knowledge about fungi and lichens, which are used as food, medicine and in mythology, among other things. African human populations are undergoing highly significant changes and adaptation processes, which are accompani…

    Keywords :

    Diversity Workbench,



    traditional knowledge,

  • Hounsou-Dindin G,

    Idohou R,

    Agre P,

    Hounkpèvi A,

    Adomou A,

    Assogbadjo A,

    Glèlè Kakaï R,


    Habitat range shift and prediction of the potential future distribution of Ricinodendron heudelotii (Baill.) Heckel in Benin (West Africa)


    Ricinodendron heudelotii (Baill.) Heckel is an important nutraceutical reservoir. Its Sustainable exploitation requires information on its potential distribution in the current context of rapid population growth and climate change threats. This study aimed to map the suitable areas for its domestica…

    Keywords :

    Climate change,

    Habitat suitability modelling,

    Spatial distribution,

    Wild oil species,


  • Kakpo A,

    Vodounnon M,

    Agbangba E,

    Hounsou-Dindin G,

    Dagbénonbakin D,

    Amadji G,

    Buri M,

    Kakaï R,


    Vulnerability of Parkia biglobosa, Vitellaria paradoxa and Vitex doniana to climate change: wild indigenous agroforestry species in Benin

    Modeling Earth Systems and Environment

    Climate change is a major threat to biodiversity, with global greenhouse gas emissions exceeding the Paris Agreement, which has a significant impact on the distribution of species at risk of facing extinction. Thus, predicting climate change's influence on species distribution is crucial. In Sub-Sah…

    Keywords :


    Climate change,

    Ecological niche,


    Random Forest,

    Soil fertility,

  • Kingbo A,

    Koura K,

    Ganglo J,


    Prioritization of the Forest Species Most Exploited by the Communities Bordering the Natural Forests of Pobè and Dogo-Kétou in Southeastern Benin, Wes…

    International Journal of Forestry Research

    Benin is not a big forest country, and the sustainable management of forest relics and their resources is a priority for the managers. This study was conducted in the forest regions of Pobè and Kétou located in Southeast Benin with the objective of characterizing the ethnobotanical forest species pr…




    Occurrences of neglected tropical disease vectors identified during medical consultations at Mènontin Hospital

    Research Square

    Neglected tropical diseases are a group of preventable and curable diseases that affect 1.5 billion people, 40% of whom live in Africa. These diseases affect the poorest and most vulnerable populations living in remote areas of Africa. They disfigure and disable, prevent children from attending scho…

    Keywords :

    data paper,


    neglected tropical disease,

    vectors occurrences,

  • Eben-Ezer A,

    Kourouma K,

    Augustin A,

    Cossi G,


    Study of specific plant diversity in forest reserves and riparian areas in Benin

    Research Square

    Benin government is committed to the overall strategy for the sacred forests and protected areas conservation through their integration into the national system of protected areas. This is due to the value of biodiversity and the considerable ethno-cultural and religious importance of the forests an…

    Keywords :



    Occurrence data,


    Sacred forests,

  • Justine K,

    Jean-Cosssi G,


    Census of the avian richness of the W Benin Park

    Research Square

    Observations were made in the W Park to inventory the avian fauna of this site. This study was undertaken to determine the avian wealth of the Park W Benin. Periodic and regular observations from 2010 to 2017 have helped to establish a list of different species of birds found in the park, in order t…

    Keywords :





    Park W,

  • Okambawa ,


    Citrus orangifolia

    (no abstract available)

  • Gorgias A,

    Kourouma K,

    Jean G,


    The main forest species encountered in southern and central Benin, west Africa

    Research Square

    Benin is a West African country with significant biodiversity resources. In this regard, research work is expected in order to better discover and document the country's biodiversity. This dataset provides information on the main forest species found in southern and central Benin, West Africa. These…

    Keywords :



    forest species,

    southern Benin,

    west Africa,

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